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I joined Fullscreen in 2014. Fullscreen is a Multi-Channel Network (MCN), offering tools, marketing, and representation to young content creators on platforms like YouTube. Part of its product offering is a suite of web applications that are collectively referred to as the Creator Platform. This federation of different products has an obvious problem: often some of its parts are more out of date than others.

The Problem

One application within the Creator Platform had more traffic than any other: the Earnings Page. For creators that make their living from their ad revenue on their YouTube channels, having a clear view into the performance of their content and their ad revenue for the month is a key part of their business. When we kicked off the project, the Creator Platform also was the cause of the most inbound phone calls and emails to customer support. It hadn't been redesigned or updated in years.

The Audience

The Creators within Fullscreen's network are demographically quite varied, but they're all technologically literate and design sensitive. These are people making their living creating content for the internet, after all. This emphasized the need to focus on performance, usability, and style in the redesign.

The Objective

  • Redesign the Earnings Page on Fullscreen's Creator Platform.
  • Redesign the monthly email statements sent to Fullscreen creators, which was the number one source of inbound traffic to the Creator Platform.
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While designing for the Creator Platform, we made use of a lot of different techniques for ideation and improvement of the core product. Asking ourselves what problem we wanted to solve rather than dictating from above how it should be solved is a huge part of the creative management's M.O. at Fullscreen.

Design Sprint!

While at Fullscreen, we started experimenting with conducting week-long design sprints dedicated to solving one specific problem at a time. You can read more about the means and methods here. (I highly recommend the book.) We found this to be a very collaborative and "open ocean" form of conducting the Discovery phase of our design research.

Below you can see images from a sprint we conducted at Fullscreen around the Creator Platform.

Final Designs